About us

id4 AG is a Swiss software company specialised in the provision of innovative solutions in Client Lifecycle Management. 

Our mission is to automate workflows across people, systems and data and to deliver exceptional user experience at every touch points.

We work closely with Clients to deliver “the” best-in-class client journey whilst implementing flexible solutions to adapt to ever-increasing requirements. 


Typical processes where we can help you

KYC review
Remote opening
Automated screening
Online identification
Document exchange
Travel approval
Product suitability

Our products

id4 software is a Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) software that delivers consistent Client Due Diligence and Know Your Customer procedures during Client onboarding and ongoing activities in line with the existing regulations (e.g. FATF, CDB 20, 5 AMLD).

id4 delivers a best-in-class Client journey via five modules that can be activated at any time. Each modules are ready-to-use using a set of predefined rules and parameters in line with the relevant regulations and based on industry best practices.

Both the content and the behavior of the modules can be easily modified via a no-code configurator (proprietary technology).

All our products are powered by Appway technology, a leader in digital CLM technologies, and by carefully selected technology partners offering best in class solutions.


Client data & document

Client onboarding

KYC review

Full CLM

Client space

Rules & parameters

Private Bank

Wealth & Asset Manager

Trust & Fiduciary

Pension Fund Manager

Technology partners

Online identification




Product suitability


Compose a solution in line with your strategy, needs and budget. .

Looking for a KYC utility solution?

Pick and choose modules, a set of rules and ecosystem.

Off-the-shelf software solutions
  • End-to-end client lifecycle management
  • 1 to 5 modules “à la carte”
  • Simple configuration via our configurator
  • Extremely fast time to delivery
  • Simple pricing with no hidden costs
Looking for a specific solution?

We can develop a solution tailored to your needs.

Tailored software solutions
  • Tailored to your needs and requirements
  • Agile delivery model with fast-paced cycles
  • Build on Appway and on id4 technology
  • Transparent pricing structure



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id4 AG

Hirschengraben 31,6003 Luzern, Switzerland

Email: info@id4bank.ch 
Phone: +41 44 586 37 48